About us

We are a Christian Based organization that offers life changing short courses

This platform provides the opportunity and environment for you to:
* Overcome your weaknesses
* Change your focus from your past to the present and future
* Receive healing and full recovery
* Experience growth and learn to move forward

* Assess yourself & Assist others


Newly renovated Module Based Enrichment courses

Our Team

Meet the people that will assist you in your journey of becoming whole...

Ps Niki Lauder

Counselling HOD Passionate, Devoted & Motherly​

Sharon Bester

Passionate, Committed & Sensitive

Charné Coetzee

Ambitious, Friendly & Confident

Matilda Louwrens


Mandy Williams

Energetic, Talkative & Cheerful

Elizabeth Croeser

Insightful, Enthusiastic & Eloquent

Jenine Smuts

Dedicated, Passionate & Warm